Virtual Walk A Day At The Forest HD

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Discover the amazing Eifel National Park in Germany and get a glimpse of the Hoge Veluwe National Park in The Netherlands.

Imagine breathing in the fresh air while you work out and enjoy walking and jogging in green lush forests. This virtual walk and ambient DVD creates a relaxing atmosphere with amazing sceneries and soothing sounds of birds and crickets.

Walk 1
Start your walk with a beautiful sunrise in Eifel National Park. As you jog further you enter a dense forest with stunning green trees and narrow forest roads. Enjoy the warming sunshine through the beautiful green leafs.

Walk 2
Start your walk in a fresh green forest of Eifel National Park and jog over twisty roads surrounded by trees. As you jog further you discover a colorful forest in Hoge Veluwe National Park on a perfect sunny autumn afternoon.

Walk 3
Enjoy a relaxing run along a forest lake with ducks and amazing reflections of trees in the water. End your run with a beautiful sunset over a glittering calm forest lake. A truly magical and soothing experience


This is a great dvd. It is great for a treadmill or indoor bike. Great pace all of the way through. Beautiful green forests welcome you as the sounds of the birds are so peaceful. In other parts of the walk, there are beautiful autumn trees and it seems as if you can hear the wind blowing. At the end of the walks, you are walking by a beautiful lake & can hear the ducks and see the reflection of the sun & trees on the water.
Regina Butler


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