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Stop the abuse nice 3D advertising featuring talking tomatoes.
In this charming animated spot, WIZZdesign came together with its partner in the US Blacklist and The Richards Group to explore the sad truth of what it’s like to be a tomato in today’s America. That is if you’re not a NatureSweet brand tomato. The spot, titled “Stop the Abuse,” features a psychologically scarred assortment of tomatoes in a group therapy session, sharing their horror stories of being squeezed, prodded, and poked.

Agency: The Richards Group
Production: Blacklist / WIZZdesign
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Director: Andy’s
3D: Unit Image

NatureSweet LTD is a San Antonio-based grower, packager and seller of produce. The company grows a variety of tomatoes that includes Glorys, Cherubs, SunBursts, Jubilees and Eclipses. The company is vertically integrated. NatureSweet grows its tomatoes in greenhouses in Arizona and Central Mexico.

NatureSweet’s tomatoes are verified as a non-GMO product by The Non-GMO Project and all of its facilities are Level 3 SQF certified.

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