“Mother of Nature” | Beautiful Animated Short Film (2018)

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Created by David James Armsby.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the world was empty. There was nothing. Not a bug, or plant, or creature. All would have remained nothing if not for the Mother of Nature!

This short was originally very simple. The simple concept of the miracle and indifference of Nature. How it can be both beautiful and tragic. I initially planned this to be a short tech-demo of sorts, (maybe 1-2 minutes long) expanding what I could do within the confines of my particular animation art-style. It steadily grew into its own fully fledged short film. I’ve learned a lot from working on this short and I think it’s one of my prettiest to date.
“Mother Nature” is definitely one of my best designs, too! ^_^

(Coming Soooooooon!)



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