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We’ve partnered with vendors in Peru to source the finest, softest, most luxurious Pima Cotton for more than a decade. This year we journeyed to Peruvian cotton farms and mills to better understand the development of our fabrics and all-natural dyes.

Organic Cotton does not require chemical dyes and Peru has all the rich biodiversity that any natural dye house could desire. A red color is sourced from the cochineal, a parasite insect of the paddle cactus, for blue indigo is used, and for yellow peppercorn tree berries are used.

As a result of our travels we have deepened our commitment to sustainability by increasing our line of certified organic and fair trade cotton. As consumers we have a choice to impact many lives, we challenge you to consider where your garment comes from.

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Directed By: Britton Caillouette

We offer a very special thanks to our partners in Peru for their assistance in the production of our film series. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Learn more about these incredible individuals and organizations through the links below.

Ricardo Galmed and his family –


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