8 hour Nature Sounds-Relaxation-Meditation-Birdsong-Birds Singing-Forest Sounds

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Thank you for supporting my project of sending moments of peace and calm out into the world by sharing this tranquil video with your friends and followers. You never know who or why someone will find this video helpful in their often stressful lives.

The moment you decide exactly what you want is when the path manifests right before your eyes.

Believe that you can achieve and you will.

As you view this calming video think about your life’s path. Is it fulfilling your desires? If the answer is no, then take these moments of calm as you relax with this tranquil nature sounds video to visualize in your mind the kind of life you desire.

See your preferred life clearly in your mind, as clear as if it were the life you are living right now, practice this exercise often enough and with complete conviction and you will manifest your desired life.

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