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Most BRUTAL Movie Scenes That Almost Didn’t Make it On Screen

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top 10 most shocking scenes in horror movies that will traumatize you
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By now you’ve realized that we love movies and we love talking about all sorts of movies. From videos about actors getting drunk on set to stars who actually had sex with their co-stars on-screen to simply ranking the hottest, we’re obsessed with movies. What’s not to love about them? Movies, film, motion pictures, depending on how pretentious you are feeling, they all mean the same thing – time to sit back and enjoy a little entertainment. What draws a person to a particular film varies from movie-goer to movie-goer. It may be action you seek or perhaps a cheesy rom-com. Sometimes, however, you need something a bit more graphic and shocking than a guy dressed up as a bat or some story about teen vampire love.
That said, we have tended to shy away from ranking films based on aspects of violence and gore in the past. Not anymore. Over the past few decades there have been a bunch of movies noted for having scenes which can make even the most veteran movie goer clenching their fists and wincing a little bit. We’re talking about brutal death scenes. These are moments that stuck with audiencea long after they occurred on-screen and, in some cases, even scarred a generation. From sci-fi to horror to children’s animated classics, there are actually quite a few movie deaths which classify as brutal in nature.

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