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Mister America

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Mister America follows Tim Heidecker’s misguided attempt to enter the world of politics. After beating a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, he launches a campaign for San Bernardino District Attorney as an act of bizarre revenge, despite a complete lack of funds or experience. What begins as a profile of an outsider candidate facing an uphill battle evolves into a study of toxic delusion as Tim’s motivations and controversial past begin to unravel. Fuelled by ego and ignorance, Tim’s attempt to take on a popular incumbent finds him woefully outmatched. He tries to surmount the obstacles facing him by personally connecting with unsuspecting voters. When none of the other candidates show up to a debate organized by the Heidecker campaign, Tim’s mental state begins to crumble. With days until the election and his campaign in free-fall, Tim must confront the unexpected costs of pursuing his dream.



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