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Former Cult Member Rates 11 Cult Scenes From Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

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Ian Haworth is the head of the Cult Information Centre in the UK. Haworth escaped from the Toronto cult People Searching Inside, Inc., in 1978. The Cult Information Centre is a charity providing advice for victims of cults, their families, and the media.

Haworth assessed scenes in movies and TV shows inspired by true stories, such as “Waco,” based on the Branch Davidians; the Manson family in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”; and “The Sacrament,” which is about the events of the Jonestown massacre.

Haworth also myth-busted some misconceptions about life inside a cult, looking at the movies “Ticket to Heaven,” “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” and “The Master.”

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Former Cult Member Rates 11 Cult Scenes From Movies And TV | How Real Is It?


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