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A Company-wide email sent by Josh: “Did you know that if you put a cup over a scorpion on your desk, they are strong enough to push it to the edge and wiggle out somehow? Now we all do! So, the Stephen the Scorpion is free in the office somewhere. Don’t freak out — he’s not even remotely dangerous, or particularly fast for that matter. His “venom” is no worse than a bee sting. If you see him, first off, PLEASE don’t squash him. He’s seriously harmless. Please just come get me and I’ll facilitate his safe return. Thanks in advance for sparing him,


PS- he HAS been snuggling next to this fake penis Aaron put in his aquarium a few months back, so maybe don’t expose yourself in the office tomorrow. Even though it’s Friday.” || PEOPLE LIKE GRAPES: http://bit.ly/Roosterteeth || Join in on the conversation at: http://bit.ly/roosterteethcommunity

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