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Welcome! Welcome! And hello to you!
See, this is no ordinary type of zoo!
Oh no, not here, not here you see!
All kinds of animals looking funny!

We have…
Hippos on tiptoes – see how they dance!
Elephants that belly dance – a wobbly stance!
Giraffe in red scarf – standing so tall!
Red ants in sweat pants – keeping fit, y’all!

What’s that? what’s this? You want to see more?
Come with me right through this door!
What other animals will we see there?
Let’s take a look but please don’t stare!

Shy bats in white hats – hang upside down!
Bunny is funny – dressed up as a clown!
Tigers in Lycra – a sight to see!
Monkey so funky – dancing in the tree!

Thank you for coming, we’ll see you again!
And next time you come why not bring a friend?


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